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Giving Tuesday–Helping After the Headlines Fade

After the headlines fade, there’s still work to be done to help communities rebuild and recover. That’s why this Giving Tuesday—November 29—your gifts will support the United Church’s vital emergency response long- and short-term work, providing critical support like food, water, shelter, counselling and rebuilding efforts. Every gift counts. Make a life-saving gift this Giving Tuesday.

Gifts with Vision

This year, instead of “stuff,” choose gifts that make a difference, from the comfort of home, with no packaging or wrapping needed. A Gifts with Vision gift supports the work of one or more of our Mission & Service partners—work that brings about meaningful change in Canada and across the world.

Mission & Service Partner Urges Banning Killer Robots

Killer robots sound like creepy sci-fi. But they are real and the World Council of Churches—a Mission & Service partner—is taking them seriously. So much so that in 2021, it released a campaign guide for churches on the topic in six different languages.

Becoming Their Child’s Hero

Mission & Service partner Parkland Restorative Justice is running a critical parenting program to support incarcerated dads to deepen parenting skills. Through this course, these dads are working hard to become their child’s hero.

Artist in Residence Gives Back

We just received a wonderful thank you letter from our Mission & Service partner—the Bissell Centre located in Edmonton. We are passing along the letter with gratitude for all who support Mission & Service. Check out the letter.

These stories are provided by the Mission & Service program of the United Church of Canada. More stories about how your contributions to the M&S fund are making a difference are available on our Mission & Service page at If you would like to make a donation to the M&S fund, go to the Giving page and follow the directions. Thank you!