HPC churches closed due to COVID-19 virus

Hi Friends,

This note is to pass around to anyone involved with our churches and other interested people. As you probably know, the church buildings are essentially shut down. We will have no services for the next few weeks. We’re simply trying to do our part to ‘self-isolate’ and ‘flatten the curve’. That last expression refers to the statistical curve of infections and possible deaths which could get quite high quickly if we don’t stay away from each other.

Although we’re not meeting together let’s keep in touch. Many of us use computers but others do not. Let us know by a call to your elder or the church (705-457-1891) if you have needs or concerns or just want to talk. I’m at the office often but also we pick up the messages.

I hope everyone is keeping safe and practicing the things our health care experts are telling us to do. As you no doubt realize, most of you who are receiving this message are in the vulnerable demographic (60+). Christians, of all people, have the privilege of a relationship with our God who always watches over us and protects us. “Even though I walk through the valley of death, I will fear no evil”, we read in Psalm 23. Our lives are in our Saviour Jesus’ hands, the one who is ‘The Resurrection and the Life’.

I do not think this is the apocalypse or the end of days. Social media and television are informing us minute by minute. It’s annoying but it’s saving lives. Back in 1918 things were much worse, partly because the world was not able to communicate as it can today. Also, the little ones are thankfully not much affected by this virus.

We will be doing some ‘live streaming’ in the near future. This week it will be some kind of message. We’ll give more instructions on that soon. If you think we should stream a whole service let us know. We’ll be reaching out through our website: https://haliburtonpastoralcharge.com/

Hope this helps. Keep praying and this too will soon pass.

Grace and peace in Jesus,



To download a copy of this letter click HERE