Gifts with Vision / More

Mission & Service Stories Cover credit: The United Church of Canada. Photo of girls in Damascus: Ibrahim Ibrahim Melhem, Middle East Council of Churches Gifts with Vision Solves the What-to-Buy Dilemma Every Gift with Vision provides support for a specific Mission & Service partner offering a unique project. Without Mission & Service, Gifts with Vision … Continue reading Gifts with Vision / More

Gifts and Giving Tuesday / More

Mission & Service Stories Photo credit: RDF Giving Tuesday–Helping After the Headlines Fade After the headlines fade, there’s still work to be done to help communities rebuild and recover. That’s why this Giving Tuesday—November 29—your gifts will support the United Church’s vital emergency response long- and short-term work, providing critical support like food, water, shelter, … Continue reading Gifts and Giving Tuesday / More

Transforming Lives / More

Mission & Service Stories for July Rising Above Tragedy to Transform Lives Sailove, a survivor of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, is one of the Asian Rural Institute’s most recent graduates. With skills she developed at the agricultural school, she plans to initiate community cooperatives to pass on the skills she learned–skills developed with help … Continue reading Transforming Lives / More