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Mission & Service Stories for July

Rising Above Tragedy to Transform Lives

Sailove, a survivor of the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, is one of the Asian Rural Institute’s most recent graduates. With skills she developed at the agricultural school, she plans to initiate community cooperatives to pass on the skills she learned–skills developed with help from your support through Mission & Service.

Every Gift Is a Story of Generosity

Behind every act of generosity, there’s a story. But this note included in a cheque sent by Rock Lake Pastoral Charge in Manitoba is especially delightful.

Supporting Refugees and Migrants in Morocco

In the last two years, the number of refugees and asylum seekers in Morocco has more than doubled. Today, the country is both a transit and host country with 19,620 refugee and asylum seekers. Many attempt to cross the Strait of Gibraltar, seeking a better life in Europe. Some make the 14km trip; others don’t. Here’s how Mission & Service is helping.

Every Child Has a Right to Learn: Meshack’s Story

School fees, violence, child labour and discrimination prevent children from going to and staying in school. The Kenya Alliance for Advancement of Children supported through your Mission & Service gifts brings together child rights organizations to share information about child protection and safeguarding and to support children who are in schools.

Gifts with Vision at Work in Ukraine

“We are grateful for any kind of help, as the people of Kharkiv have been suffering from this serious humanitarian crisis for many weeks now,” says Sergei Babin, a volunteer who is helping deliver food and hygiene packages supported through Gifts with Vision to Ukrainian refugees. Thank you for your generous support!

These stories are provided by the Mission & Service program of the United Church of Canada. More stories about how your contributions to the M&S fund are making a difference are available on our Mission & Service page at If you would like to make a donation to the M&S fund, go to the Giving page and follow the directions. Thank you!