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Mission & Service stories for May

At the refugee point in Barabás, a small Hungarian village on the border of Ukraine, Action by Churches Together (ACT) Alliance member Hungarian Interchurch Aid offers food, drinks, and hygiene items for people fleeing the Ukraine war. Credit: Antii Yrjönen/FCA

Food and Hygiene Kits for Ukraine

By the end of March, over four million refugees had fled Ukraine, 90 per cent of them women and children. Gifts with Vision – the United Church’s giving catalogue – has just unveiled its latest gifts to help them.

Taken and Detained: 17-Year-Old Khalil’s Story

Can you imagine the military breaking into your home in the middle of the night, arresting and detaining your child and then taking them away to be interrogated? This happens nightly in Palestine. It happened to Khalil. This is his story.

Nourishing Bodies and Hearts: Ashrafi’s Story

Today, over 200 families, many living in poverty, grow their own nutritious food at Fred Victor’s gardens thanks to generous supporters like you. But there’s far more to the gardens than the food. Ashrafi says it has changed lives, including her own. View her story on YouTube.

Nutrition Program in Somalia Helps Save Lives

Somalia is experiencing its worst drought in 40 years. More than half a million farmers and herders have lost their crops and animals. That’s why your gifts through Mission & Service are supporting a nutrition program aimed at helping to save children’s lives.

Experiencing Racism at a Young Age

Adele Halliday, the United Church’s Anti-Racism and Equity Lead staff, shares her passion and sense of call to racial justice work, and her personal experience of being the parent of two young Black children. 

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