Hope Comes in a Syringe

For many of us these days, hope comes in the form of a vaccine. And Giving Tuesday on November 30―just around the corner from Hope Sunday―is a good time to share it. The COVID-19 crisis won’t end for anyone until it ends for everyone. And in some parts of the world, no end is in sight.

Our Mission & Service partner ACT Alliance reports that out of all the vaccines administered around the world, less than 2 percent reached Africa and less than 7 percent reached South America. Many countries in the Global South and East won’t even be able to start a vaccine program until 2022. If this continues, these countries won’t reach vaccination goals until 2024…if ever.

Your gifts through Mission & Service continue to contribute food and relief items to those in need during the COVID-19 pandemic, enabling the distribution of personal protective equipment, and supporting programs to prevent and control the spread of the disease. Through the United Church’s Gifts with Vision, we are offering an opportunity to give the ultimate gift―the gift of life. For just $25, you can save a life by providing a full vaccination to someone in the world who needs one.

Together we can make a difference. If you are planning to make a special charitable gift this Giving Tuesday, please consider offering the gift of full vaccination. And thank you for faithfully giving through Mission & Service. Your ongoing support truly does help save lives.

For additional information visit COVID-19: Global Response and Faith Communities and COVID-19 in 2021.

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