Support for the People of Haiti

On the morning of Saturday, August 14, Haiti was struck by a severe earthquake. Precious lives have been lost. Many homes and community buildings have been destroyed. Hospitals have also been damaged, and acutely injured and traumatized people are struggling to find help. The earthquake follows sharply on the heels of other disasters, including a … Continue reading Support for the People of Haiti

COVID-19 Won’t End until It Ends for Everyone

“Visible minority” is the term often used to refer to non-Indigenous racialized people. Think about it for a minute. In reality, 80 percent of people around the world are of African, Asian, Latin American, and Arab descent. They are not the minority―they are the global majority. And only 1 percent of this global majority has … Continue reading COVID-19 Won’t End until It Ends for Everyone

Where Food and Community Grow

Over the last year, the need for food has skyrocketed. Since the pandemic began, Fred Victor, a charity based in Toronto, Ontario, has served over 180,000 free and low-cost meals to people in need―a 40 percent increase over previous years. Growing food security issues are just one of the reasons why Fred Victor’s community gardens … Continue reading Where Food and Community Grow