Pentecost 2022 – Harry’s Letter

“We have not even heard that there is a Holy Spirit!” Acts 19:2

Dear Friends,

In our day, it’s fair to say, everyone has probably heard of the Holy Spirit. That doesn’t mean that they know much about him. We, who are followers of Jesus, ought to not only know about him but to know him personally, since he is the source of strength, wisdom, love and leading for our spiritual lives.

First, he supplies resurrection strength (aka ‘power’) because we do not have in ourselves the stamina to keep going in the face of adversity nor the courage to speak of Jesus in spite of animosity. (Acts 1:8, Ro. 8:11)

Second, he supplies divine wisdom because we lack it and tend to follow the ways of the world around us. (James 1:5, 3:15) Jesus says, ‘Be wise as the serpent and harmless as the dove’, and neither of those things comes naturally.

Third, he supplies sacrificial love, because although we tend to love our family and friends, loving our enemies and doing good to those who hate us is not our natural tendency. (Ro. 5:5)

Fourth, he supplies good-shepherd leading, because, like sheep we often go astray. (Ro. 8:14) These four, and more, come through the Holy Spirit’s presence and power.

Fifty days after Christ’s resurrection, on the day of Pentecost, the apostles experienced wonderfully and powerfully the work of the Holy Spirit. We will remember that day on Pentecost Sunday, June 5th, as we share in the Lord’s Supper and seek afresh the experience of the Spirit of God in our lives. Hope to see you then!

In Christ’s love,