Minutes for Mission: Jesse

The transformation that began on Palm Sunday is at the heart of the Easter story. It’s at the heart of Jesse’s story too.  

When he was 12 years old, Jesse had a traumatic brain injury. His life instantly changed because his brain didn’t function the way it once did. By the time he was 17, Jesse had been hospitalized 32 times. Through the ups and downs, his mother took care of him. She was his rock. And then, sadly three years ago, she died of cancer. Without his mother, Jesse’s life spiraled out of control. Two years ago, he survived the painfully cold winter sleeping in a storage unit.  

“I lost 40 pounds and all hope. Finally, on one forlorn morning I made a final attempt to better my situation by reaching out to Stella’s Circle, a Mission & Service partner. Without hesitation they opened their arms,” says Jesse. “Since that fateful morning, their staggering support and generosity has completely altered my life. Because of them, I now dwell in a home I can call my own. They’ve helped me obtain the counselling services needed to heal from my past, and have even provided me with a washing machine. There has rarely been a day they haven’t sought me out to ask about my well-being or if I needed anything.” 

Jesse is now completing a greenhouse technician college program. He also leads a new social enterprise at Stella’s Circle that grows produce for sale.  

“Thanks to the team at Stella’s Circle, I have new found hope and a proper foothold to help propel me into a more prosperous future,” he says. 

Jesse’s story is proof that your generosity through Mission & Service truly does help transform lives!  

Jesus lived, died and rose again to show us what it means to shelter each other with God’s transforming love. A love stronger than injustice, deeper than despair, and more expansive than poverty.  

Everyone deserves love. No one should be sleeping in a storage unit. No one should go hungry. No one should feel alone. Everyone is someone’s child. 

Let’s be the hands and feet of the risen Christ for everyone who needs to feel his abiding love. 

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